Monday, March 10, 2008


The City of Beloit, Wisconsin is a blooming community that has dedicated itself to protecting the environment. We feel (and our sources like Dr. Spencer agree), that to find city of its size in the United States with so much dedication to sustainability and green initiatives, across all sorts of industry, is very rare. When ABC Supply developed its GreenGrid roofing system, it took the lead in what is now a world-wide trend: green roofs. These environmentally friendly marvels can save companies thousands of dollars per year in utility bills. In addition, they also help the environment by absorbing water and being built from natural and recycled materials. When Beloit College decided to install the GreenGrid system on their new Center for the Sciences, an LEED certified building, they showed a clear dedication to sustainable initiatives. Kettle Foods, one of the newest companies to move to Beloit, has been dedicated to sustainability and protecting the environment at their home plant in Salem, Oregon. Now they bring the first green food factory in the United States to Beloit, adding to the other projects in the city. Beloit is also making great strides in supporting its local farmers and producers through its summer Farmers' Market and new grocery. It will foster awareness of the Earth as a habit and lifestyle.

The City of Beloit has shown in its practice and it its law that it is dedicated to sustainability and now industries and community members are following their lead. Beloit is prospering and proof that small communities can collaborate with with individual initiatives to better the environment and the lives of its citizens. Beloit has learned that by going green, the future is endlessly brighter.

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